This is the largest department of UDDL. The Engineers of UDDL are technically sound, skilled and familiar with the latest technologies. Engineering Department is divided into two parts- Civil and Electrical. An experienced Chief Engineer leads this team.

Civil Engineering:
A large number of engineers work in this team. Qualified engineers are the prime decision makers. Project engineers, Supervisors, Foremen, technicians and large number of masons and labourers are working in this team; from land survey to handing over the key- a long roster of work including design, excavation, layout, bricklaying, casting, roofing, plumbing, wiring, painting etc. are the jobs of this team.

Electrical Engineering:
We have a well experienced Electrical Engineering Team. This team is led by an Assistant General Manager. Most of the team members have more than 15 years of operational experience. The team is engaged in electrical design & supervision of apartment building’s electrical works as per Bangladesh National Building Code. They ensure quality of work as well as that of the materials. The team is also engaged in installing power sub-station & generator and attending to any kind of support after handing over the projects.

Exploring new customers, extending support to the existing customers and lending logistic support are the major responsibilities of our marketing team.

There are four wings in the Marketing Department viz. i) Sales, ii) Customer Care and iii) Logistics iv) Brand Communication .UDDL Marketing team deals with clients confidently and treats them as the most important people for the company.

UDDL has a very friendly sales team with the combination of a group of young energetic and experienced marketing personnel who are capable to meet the needs of the clients with the best of congeniality.

Customer Care:
Customer Care Department coordinates with the clients in their selection of tiles and fittings which matter a lot in their living style. The department also takes care of the after sale service of the handed over projects.

This is the third wing of Marketing Department. This wing gives various logistic supports to other wings of marketing department as well as other departments which are related to the clients' information, payments, receiving plans and designs from architect, preparing brochure, updating price etc.

Brand Communication:
This is the fourth wing of Marketing Department. It is entrusted with the responsibility of promoting and maintaining the corporate and brand image of UDDL and its projects in tandem with the company's corporate and marketing plans. Communicating UDDL's premium image and updates on its projects to the valued existing and potential clients relentlessly is its principal job.


Project Development:
This department plays a vital role in UDDL. The major responsilities of this department are to explore new projects and establish communication with prospective and existing landowners.


Public Relations:

This team provides legal services and opinions necessary for the company’s requirements in land selection, project development etc. They also maintaining liaison with concerned Govt. agencies, Ministries, Law firms and other legal bodies. This team prepares Agreements, Contracts and other legal documents as per company requirement.  It also provides assistance and coordination for updating land related documents and for approving project approval from regulatory authorities.



Coordinating internally with all other departments and externally with utility agencies is the prime work of this team. This team assists in conducting topo survey, soil test, demolition and other pre-construction works.


Purchase & Administration:

The Purchase and Administration Department is available as a source for coordinating and facilitating the acquisition of goods and services. Duties include reviewing requests and authorising the purchase of commonly used goods and services. Contacting suppliers for price quotes, prepare requisitions and take approval from concerned authority before ordering is the principal job of this team. Quality verification of suppliers’ products and project inspection for better construction are also one of the key jobs of this department.


HR & Planning:

 UDDL has a friendly HR team that helps to create a workplace which recognizes, rewards and develops personal, professional and organisational efforts. This team also promotes workplace flexibility and conditions of employment which recognise and align individual and organizational needs. In addition to this HR team makes plan of the projects and monitors with other departments.


Audit & Cost Control:

An experienced team of people with sufficient knowledge of cost management leads the Audit & Cost Control Department to oversee the expenses of this company. Asset inventory, internal control of expenses, cost minimization, verifying bills and purchase are their job responsibility.



We have an experienced accounting team for preparing profit and loss statement and monthly closing and cost accounting reports. They also prepare and review budget, revenue, expense, payroll entries, invoices, and other accounting documents.